Wanna create the future?

Use your voice.

Share this facebook film. Post in on H&Ms Facebook wall in your country. Tell other retailers clearly on their Facebook or in store at their store that you want them to stop separating boys and girls. 

Share this youtube film on your blog.

Retweet this.

Show the world how you want it to be! Share your kids' outfits and other relevant stuff with #justkidscampaign

If you are a parent, grandparent, friend, neighbour or anyone else who meet children who dress the way they like: Tell them they look great! Or don't express anything at all. And remember that not all who wear pink are girls, and not all who wear blue are boys.

If you're a sales personnel at a clothing store: Be openminded! Don't take for granted that girls only want glitter and boys only want dinosaurs. Mix up the clothes in your display mannequinns. Ask your boss why you have different sections or why girls and boys require different gift wrapping papers.

If you're Cubus, KappAhl, Lindex, Macy's, Mango or any other big fashion apparel retailer that want to beat H&M to it and take a stand: contact us. We'll hit the studio and make you a new campaign with your clothes.