Dear H&M

You've always been a trendsetter, but when it comes to children's clothing, you're pretty old fashioned: girls dressed in pink, cute unicorns, puppies and slogans about looks, beauty and the small things in life. And boys dressed in scary dinosaurs, angry skulls, spaceships and motivating and rebellious statements. 

It might not seem like a big deal, but these messages influence society and affect our children. They widen the gender gap. Because, yes, we still have a major gender gap issue. It’s still not socially accepted for men to cry, and there are way too few female leaders in the world. No wonder, when girls grow up learning «it's the little things that matter» while boys are encouraged to be «future stars».

Pictures from

Pictures from

It’s still not socially accepted for men to cry, and there are way too few female leaders in the world. No wonder, when girls grow up learning  «it's the little things that matter» while boys are encouraged to be «future stars.»

Pictures from

Pictures from

As parents, we tell our children that they are free to be whoever they want and wear whatever they wish. But they learn from society. From you. Our voice just isn't strong enough. Yours on the other hand: with 4000 stores in 67 countries, you have the power to change the world. Girls shouldn't have to cross the border to the boy's section to buy a NASA T-shirt. Boys shouldn't be told that their unicorn sweaters are for girls. 

We need your help, so we decided to help you first. We have created the kind of campaign we want to see from world leading retailers like you. A campaign without gender labels, with boys who wear pretty glitter hearts and girls who wear scary T-Rexes. We think it looks great – and really not that strange at all. And we hope you will use it, as your first step towards a gender label free world.  

And then: Get rid of the gender categories and sort clothing by type and size. Design clothes that encourage, rather than limit. Show girls and boys in all kinds of clothes. Create the future every day.

It's time to leave the girls and boys labels behind, and let everyone choose freely what kind of clothes they want to wear. It’s time to let kids be just kids.


Torny and Ingrid
Two Norwegian moms and advertising creatives


Take a look at your new campaign!

Here are some new campaign photos for you. We've mixed your boys and girls clothes on girls and boys. Looks great doesn't it? We hope to see them in your webshop, at Instagram, Facebook and outdoor billboards (like the big ones at Times Square). All images are cleared for use in all channels – just add your logo. Contact us if you want high resolution images or model release. 

Photos by: Rune Bendiksen,


Here is a commercial where we’ve mixed your (so called) boys and girls clothes on both girls and boys. We hope to see it on your Facebook and Instagram, at cinemas and on TV (it would look great during Super Bowl!) The film is cleared for re-posting to social media from the current YouTube-user. Contact us if you wish to upload it directly to Facebook etc.


A big thanks to

Rune Bendiksen - Photographer, Stills and film
Daniel Peralta Rasmussen - Photo Assistant and editor
Margaret Berger / Sony / BMG - Title song
Anders Njåtun - Music composer
Sander Dahl - Editor
The kids and their families



Made by
Torny Hesle and Ingrid Lea
The Oslo Company

P.S. All brands who are ready for the future;
we would love to work with you.